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Welcome to the Silly Side

Hello, my name is John Crause, and you have found my cartooning website. If you like good humor than I hope you will be blessed by this website.

I have a lot of christian comic strips available and there are always more being posted.

You will laugh at least once before you leave this website.

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John CrauseWhat is Jays Cartooning About?

Since I was young I have always enjoyed comics and comic strips and all sorts of funny drawings. I was never good at drawing or artwork, but I still loved it. I never thought of drawing anything myself. But one fateful day my father bought me a book on cartooning. This sparked me off and I have enjoyed drawing ever since.

I grew up a part of the Ministry that my father founded and so it is my goal to not only draw comics but to use this ability to bring the Joy of the Lord to anyone who finds my comics.

Perhaps you are one of those people who thinks that comics are silly and for kids. Yes comics can be silly and maybe too simple for everybody. But I do not think you can be too old to have a good laugh or enjoy something simple and fun.

Or maybe you are one of those young people who loves comics, in which case I think you will enjoy this website!

These days many comics go into strange subjects and show things that are demonic. People will read a comic anyway because they think it does not mean anything. I want to show you that comis do not have to be strange to be fun and give you a good laugh. I also want to show you can comics can mean something and maybe even teach you something good.

But do not worry if you are just looking for a good laugh you will find that here. I hope that you are blessed and that you are also encouraged to press on for the Lord. This is what Jays Cartooning is all about, because I believe that the Joy of the Lord is your strength!

What You Will Find

The main comic strip that I run is called Abe Comics. You can see the latest comic in this series at the top of this page. However I have started to do other things also. I also do a strip called Bible Laughs which shows funny things that could have happened in the bible.

Abe Comics

Abe is about a young guy name Abraham (Abe for short) His friend is Ed who is married and has a family. Abe and Ed find out the funny side of being believers and living a normal life with the Lord in the middle of it.

It's A New Year

Bible Laughs

Is another idea I had. This comic follows different charaters from the Bible and funny things that could have happened to them.

It's A New Year

You can find both of these comics as well as a complete archive of all past strips on the Comics page.

There is More

Being creative is a hobby for me and sometimes I draw different things. You can find some of what I have done on the Art/Music page. I also write songs sometimes and might post recordings of them on that page.

Check out my Blogs/Videos pages to find some articles I wrote as well as some videos from my YouTube page. I have several speed drawing videos already and plan on maybe doing tutorials.

If you want me to show you how I draw please let me know using the Contact us button on the side of the web page. If there is enough interest I might do some more videos.

Johnny Caricature Speed Drawing

By John P. Crause

Time For Action

If you are ready to get started then it is time to laugh!

You can follow me in lots of different ways.

01. You can subscribe for free to one of my mailing lists. If you subscribe I will send you comics on a regular basis.

Subscribe by putting your email address into the Free Publications box on the right of the page. You will have to scroll down and find Jays Cartooning because there are other free mailing lists for you to subscribe to that are not mine.

02. You can also follow me on Facebook by linking my page. I post new comics there often. Like my page here:

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If you do not want to subscribe or follow you can also read all of these comics here on the Comics page youself.

Below you will find a list of all links on my website. Feel free to go through the links. You can also find these links on the other pages, this is just a full list for you. I pray that you will have a great time browsing my website. If you find anything you like, then I would love to hear from you and get some feedback.

Feel free to write to me using the Contact us link and let me know or ask any questions. You can also leabe comments on the bottom of most pages.

Until then may you be filled with Joy and welcome to Jays Cartooning!

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